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  Tennis windscreens are functional and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any court. Although their name implies wind-blockage, a windscreen’s primary function is to provide privacy. For community courts with nearby roads or park systems, the constant movement around the court can be very distracting, making it difficult to view the ball.  As well, residential court owners frequently long for solitude from the neighbors and an opportunity to enjoy their court with privacy. And for private clubs and resorts, tennis windscreens provide an exclusive feel to the courts which enables the players to really focus on their game, and provides greater guest enjoyment.  Additionally, windscreens increase the overall appeal and appearance of a court by providing a clean upscale look. It is much less expensive than new fencing, and we can even apply logos to promote your club or community. Windscreens are definitely an excellent choice for any court looking to promote increased player enjoyment.

9' PVC Tennis WindscreenAdditionally, tennis windscreens provide a solid back-drop against which to see the ball. When other activities around the court cause annoying distractions, it can be very difficult to focus on the ball and the game. Windscreens provide the visual barrier between the ball and the court perimeter allowing the players to really get a grasp on where the ball is and increasing the players’ abilities and techniques.


And finally, its namesake. Windscreens do provide wind-blockage, although that may not extend to the center of the court.  Mostly, windscreens will break up wind gusts that can be bothersome to the players. It is important to consider the wind strength and fence strength when choosing a windscreen, as ample wind flow must be provided in order to prevent damage to the fencing structure caused by too great of wind load.  Usually ‘open mesh’ windscreens are recommended for most windscreen applications. The open mesh windscreens have opacities (wind-blockage) ranging from 70% to 80%, allowing 30% - 20% of the wind to flow through.  ‘Closed mesh’ windscreens (usually having an opacity of 95%) are desirable for ultimate privacy and providing premium visual backdrop for the game, however special caution and consideration must be give to the wind condition and fence strength for these windscreen applications.


Different Types of Windscreen Fabrics: There are three different types of windscreen fabrics used for tennis windscreens; polyester vinyl-coated (PVC), polypropylene, and polyethylene. 


PVC is the traditional material used for windscreens and has been around for years. It is the most attractive of all windscreen fabrication providing a custom fit and a flat lie on the fence. It also offers high mildew and sun resistance at an excellent price. PVC windscreens can be custom made to size and are hemmed with brass grommets every 12” on all sides. Different weights of PVC material are available.


Polypropylene is considered the economical alternative to the PVC windscreen, although no longer that much less expensive. Additionally, the open mesh weave the polypropylene windscreen provides less privacy than the open mesh PVC.


Polyethylene windscreens are relatively new and, unlike PVC windscreens whereby the polyester is vinyl-coated, polyethylene is comprised of a single high-density polyethylene monofilament forming the whole basis of the fabric. This special feature of polyethylene allows for custom cutting and fitting on site without any worries of the windscreen unraveling. As well, the superior UV-resistance is built right into the core of the fabric.  Polyethylene windscreens are the strongest windscreen on the market. Available in rolls of 120’, with or without hems and grommets. Also available with ‘heat-set’ treatment that allows the windscreen to lie flat and straight on the fence with no billowing.


Tennis Universal’s Windscreen:


Polyethylene Windscreens: 

Custom Sized Windscreens












*Knitted Supreme Windscreen (70% opacity) - Polyethylene – Dark Green or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


The Knitted Supreme polyethylene windscreens are a low-cost, long-lasting alternative to custom windscreens. Made of 8 oz. knitted high-density polyethylene monofilament with superior UV-resistant properties. This windscreen is available with or without brass grommets.  Knitted Supreme windscreens without grommets have an extra heavy selvage along the top and bottom hems to provide for a more secure installation with less scalloping than other knitted windscreens.  Knitted Supreme with brass grommets, the grommets are places every 12” on all four sides.  For 9’ Knitted Supreme anti-billow tabs are available to be placed at the 4’6” height to provide for an easy professional looking tidy installation. 3-Year Warranty.



Knitted Supreme Polyethylene Windscreen





*Knitted Supreme ‘Heat-Set’  Windscreen  (75% opacity) - Polyethylene – Dark Green or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


The Knitted Supreme ‘Heat-Set’ polyethylene windscreen provides long lasting good looks with increased stability and opacity due to the special ‘heat-set’ treating, allowing the windscreen to lie flat and straight on the fence with no billowing.  Hems are 3-ply construction with a heavy-duty 18 oz. vinyl binding and brass grommets every 15”. Anti-billow tabs are built into every 9’ Knitted Supreme ‘Heat-Set’ windscreen for the ultimate ease of a professional tidy installation. 3-Year Warranty.


Knitted Supreme Heat-Set Polyethylene Windscreen



PVC Windscreens:


*Grand Master ‘Pro’ Windscreen (80% opacity top and bottom/ 100% opacity middle section) – PVC – Dark Green, Royal Blue or Black


The Grand Master ‘Pro’ windscreen is the ultimate windscreen for outdoor tennis. The center 5’ wide strip is solid 18.5 oz vinyl for maximum ball visibility and wind control. 2’ wide top and bottom strips are open-weave PVC for optimal airflow.  This windscreen comes with two rows of anti-billow tabs along each PVC/vinyl seam, totaling four rows of brass grommets every 12”, as well as on the sides. Available in 9’ heights only. 3-Year Warranty.


Grand Master 'Pro' Vinyl PVC Tennis Windscreen Button




*Grand Master ‘Open Mesh’ Windscreen (80% opacity) – PVC – Dark Green or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


The Grand Master ‘Open Mesh’ windscreen is the industry’s most durable windscreen. Made of 10 oz. PVC, the extra heavy selvage is heat-sealed to form attractive, long-lasting hems. Brass grommets spaced every 12” along all four side for an easy professional looking installation.


Grand Master 'Open Mesh' PVC Tennis Windscreen Button




*Grand Master ‘Closed Mesh’ Windscreen (95% opacity) – PVC – Dark Green or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


Grand Master ‘Closed Mesh’ windscreens are made of extra-dense 13 oz. PVC. Constructed with heat-sealed hems for superior performance and aesthetics, brass grommets placed every 12” on all four sides. Special caution and consideration should be given to wind conditions and fence strength before installing any ‘closed mesh’ windscreen. 3-Year Warranty.


PVC Tennis Windscreens
















*Club Special ‘Open Mesh’ Windscreen (80% opacity) – PVC – Dark Green, Blue or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


The Club Special ‘Open Mesh’ windscreen is one of the industry’s best values. Made of 7 ½ oz. PVC, with 3 ½ ply hems including an 18 oz. vinyl tape insert for added strength. Brass grommets spaced every 12” on all four sides for an easy professional looking installation. 2-Year Warranty.



Club Special 'Open Mesh' PVC Tennis Windscreen Button




*Club Special ‘Closed Mesh’ Windscreen (95% opacity) – PVC – Dark Green or Black – 6’ or 9’ Heights


The Club Special ‘Closed Mesh’ windscreen minimizes player distraction while maximizing ball visibility. Made of 8 oz. PVC, with 3 ½ ply hems including an 18 oz. vinyl tape insert for added strength. Brass grommets are spaced every 12” on all four sides for an easy professional looking installation. Special caution and consideration should be given to wind conditions and fence strength before installating any closed mesh windscreen.



Extra Windscreen Option:


Anti-Billow Tabs with Grommets: Installed in the center of 9’ windscreens to reduce wind effect and increase screen durability, allowing for attachment to fence at top, middle and bottom. We highly recommend anti-billow tabs be applied to all 9’ windscreens, as well as the addition of 6” x 12” air-vents placed 5’ to 10’ apart.


Bound Air Vents for Tennis Windscreens


Bound Air-Vents: Bound air-vents are available in 6” x 6” or 6” x 12”.  These air vents allow for greater air flow through the windscreen placing less stress on the windscreen and fence alike, while still maintaining the windscreens visual privacy function. These air vents do not have flaps and are bound with polypropylene tape.


Half-Moon Vent Die-Cut:  Half-moon vents are openings with flaps to allow for air flow through the windscreen. Available only for PVC windscreens.  An Inexpensive alternative to bound air-vents.


Bound Half-Moon Vent with Flap: Bound air vent flaps from a less expensive alternative to bound air vents. Available for Polyethylene windscreens.


Extra Grommets: May be requested when desired for specific custom installations.




Extra Options for Tennis Windscreens Button




Fastening Devises for Windscreens:


Plastic Ty-Raps: Available in 7 ½” long with 50 lb breaking strength, or 8” long with 120 lb breaking strength. Ty-raps as the most popular for fastening windscreen to the fence. They are inexpensive, and quick and easy to remove when necessary before a windstorm.


Windscreen ty-raps Polypropylene Rope: Sold in 500 ft. roles, this is a traditional means of fastening the windscreen to the fence. Consideration should be given to wind condition prior be using rope for windscreen installation as the rope will not break to release the windscreen during storm conditions. Available in green or black.


Snap Curtain Hangers:  These snap hangers provide a high-end look to any windscreen installation. Consideration should be give to wind conditions prior to using as these snap hangers will not break to release windscreen during storm conditions.







Fastening Devices for Tennis Windscreens




How to Install Windscreens:


Nine foot windscreens are hung from the top of the chain link fence. The usual fence height is 10 feet, which allows for one foot of air space at the bottom. Six foot windscreens are placed in the center of the 10’ high chain link fence, providing for two feet of air flow at the top and bottom.


Hang windscreens so the seams and hems are toward the fence, leaving the smooth side facing the courts.


Installing Tennis Windscreens

All grommets must be used to secure the windscreens to the fence. First fasten one vertical edge to the fence at the desired height using regular 50 lb breaking strength ty-raps. Next fasten top and remaining side of windscreen to the fence with regular ty-raps, keeping the top straight by following the chain link pattern. Then fasten the bottom with regular or heavy-duty ty-raps.


When anti-billow tabs are present on the windscreen (usually all 9’ windscreens), fasten it after top and bottom for a tidy installation, using regular (50 lb. breaking strength) ty-raps, fastening all the grommets provided.


When high winds are expected, cut ty-raps from the top, side and center. Roll windscreen down to the bottom of the fence where the bottom ty-raps are attached and tie the windscreen up to prevent wind damage.



How to Measure Fencing for Windscreens:


To correctly measure a fence for windscreen sizing, you will need to measure the distance between stretcher bars and subtract 4” (this will be the desired size of the windscreen). The subtraction of the four inches will allow for use of the fastening devises and provide a good fit. For ease of handling and installing of windscreen, try to keep an individual windscreen to less than 60 feet long. When measuring for gates or other small areas, measure the area in the same way as described above.



Hot to Measure Fence for Windscreens


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